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Rosita Wijnberg

shxdowfax is from VE Venezuela • 28 y/o

Who Are You Now
what made you hate yourself
<1 min
Words: 66
Read Time: <1 min
No Memory Of This Place
a boy named Clint wakes up in a hospital bed with no memory
1 min
Words: 257
Read Time: 1 min
The End & The Beginning
The end of Earth and a beginning of a new planet.
<1 min
Words: 176
Read Time: <1 min
Stick and Stones
Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will mentally fuck you up.
<1 min
Words: 196
Read Time: <1 min
Nothing Left To Live For
Marina, a girl who had lost everything- her parents, siblings- in a car crash. Her friends are sick of her, always moping about, grieving. Even her best friend didn't seem to care.
2 mins
Words: 550
Read Time: 2 mins