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Snow Flakez

Snow-Flakez is from MV Maldives • 33 y/o

Reviews Given

The Ocean Heals by sarah123

This story was beautiful, I can in some ways relate :)

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A New Girl by mostdesired

I’m liking your short stories.

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What I Saw in You by mostdesired

I tried to save someone too but I think it was too late for them. The dark web have tainted their purity.

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Secrets by Thomas Ray

Sometimes keeping someone secret can be a burden. I had a friend that I liked a lot but found out a dark secret they didn’t know I knew. Till this day I’ve kept it a secret because I didn’t want to hurt their feelings for knowing it. Was I wrong to do so?

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The LIE That I Tell Everyday by Mkushi

I can relate to this. I don’t easily open up to people & it’s hard for me to ask for help most of the time :(

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Lost Girl by NorthernPhoenix

I feel this story 👍

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Missing the Thought of You by LeCat127

I relate to this very much 💔

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