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A Weird Way To Start Learning A New Language
Story by Roberto Perez (49)
This is about how I started with my interest for English language and how a good intention can do much in people life.
2 mins
Words: 599
Read Time: 2 mins
Story by Monique (45)
Mothers, daughters, and conflict in the kitchen. How social media was the magic ingredient in healing a rift...
5 mins
Words: 1032
Read Time: 5 mins
Whispers in The Wind
Musing by Misty Poulson (15)
The Wind whispers. Can you hear it? A soft, far off buzzing. Interrupting the calmest of nights, carrying the dreaded on it's indistinguishable wings.
3 mins
Words: 615
Read Time: 3 mins
Letters Across the Sea
Story by Thomas Ray (17)
Brother and sister. Writing.
9 mins
Words: 1903
Read Time: 9 mins
The No. 19 Tram to Coburg
Story by timdymo (73)
An account of a strange encounter on a public tram in Melbourne.
2 mins
Words: 522
Read Time: 2 mins
Who's Who - Part I
Story by Merlin Sheeba Mary R (29)
She is a fairy; he is a human. Can her magic protect her from the swing of marvel? Experience the dazzling magic, family secrets, and swoon-worthy romance swept away into this enchanting world!
9 mins
Words: 1859
Read Time: 9 mins
Just Ten
Story by Merlin Sheeba Mary R (29)
What does the number ten signify? Perplexed, the hero experiences series of events related to the number ten. yet, he least expected the real face of ten at last.
4 mins
Words: 999
Read Time: 4 mins
Let Him Have It 18+
Story by rogerjeff (80)
A lonely man has an affair with his landlady. She is a hot and cold bully and wants him to leave her a house in his will. She arranges a romantic tryst in the country but it's not what it seems
12 mins
Words: 2493
Read Time: 12 mins
Story by Ricky Taylor (49)
A Day In the Life of Author Ricky Taylor
38 mins
Words: 7780
Read Time: 38 mins
Face of the Earth
Poem by Matt Decker (42)
What if our world had a literal face?
<1 min
Words: 178
Read Time: <1 min
The Wind Knew
Story by Thomas Ray (17)
A girl stuck in the well-lit confines of her city and home, and a boy far away living with his silent people in the dark. Both want to learn of the unknown around them.
18 mins
Words: 3745
Read Time: 18 mins
The Silence of Demons
Story by WASP (35)
This autobiographical work explores the themes of existence, mental illness, meaninglessness, and the nature of the 'self'.
6 mins
Words: 1259
Read Time: 6 mins
Jungle In The Gym
Story by Matt Decker (42)
An imaginative boy describes his unbelievable day at recess.
3 mins
Words: 738
Read Time: 3 mins
Noon Train
Story by Scriptorius (83)
A mystery man invites a group of outlaws to join him in a venture
23 mins
Words: 4778
Read Time: 23 mins
Officer Shmendrick and the Disintegrating Man 18+
Story by Mardav (81)
You might just go to pieces over this story......
3 mins
Words: 656
Read Time: 3 mins
Poem by billyyoutwo1 (75)
A poem about the hypocrisy of war remembrance .
<1 min
Words: 174
Read Time: <1 min
Does Saying Goodbye Have to Mean Forgetting?
Story by Kimberly Owen (37)
A man meets a woman for the first time.
16 mins
Words: 3258
Read Time: 16 mins
Just Another Superman
Story by Khaled Saeed (63)
Yes, the Superman was for real.
11 mins
Words: 2367
Read Time: 11 mins
The Piano
Story by writingartist420 (50)
The bond between a grandmother and her adult grandson.
3 mins
Words: 702
Read Time: 3 mins
The Figure
Story by Asoxus (24)
"The Figure" is a short story about a figure seen only by men who were deemed clinically insane.
2 mins
Words: 490
Read Time: 2 mins
The Hotel Manager
Story by StephenG (67)
In March 1976, Mark Lewis makes his first visit to Paris. A chance encounter with a stranger in his compartment leads to an incident which will change his life.
40 mins
Words: 8073
Read Time: 40 mins