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03 -The Friday before the Saturday
03 -The Friday before the Saturday

03 -The Friday before the Saturday


“Signing off for the week”, Lia shouted.

Josh smiled at her and asked, “What's up woman you look very energetic, Do you have any plans?”

“Well... Well....

Nothing special,

Check my status!” Lia replied

Josh takes his phone and starts looking for her status. Meanwhile Lia packs her back and starts walking towards the lift hallway.

Josh shouts,

“Congrats, Ms. Rock star!” and whispers

Mrs. Would sound great more like my Mrs. and chuckles

Josh had crush on Lia since forever but he is afraid to tell her. He didn't want to ruin the friendship. He feels that he has dropped enough clues to her if she wanted him she would understood it by now.

In the lift hallway, Lia bumped into Mr. Ratawhile. A charming man, Lia had crush on him, since the time she met him.

Lia smiled and asked, “How was your day, Mr. Ratawhile?”

To that Mr. Ratawhile replied, “It was good and yours?”

She said, “It was nice”, with a broad smile.

Ting ting…. The life arrived

They boarded the lift

There was an awkward silence.

In order to break the silence,

Lia thought to start a conversation,

Lia asked, “Mr. Ratawhile, I have a gig tomorrow.

It would be great, if you join”.

Mr. Ratawhile smiled and said, “Yes! I will be there”.

Lift was stopping in every floor and many boarded it. They did not talk.

After one hour of travelling, Lia reached home. But the conversation with Mr. Ratawhile was running in her mind and suddenly it dawned that she forgot to tell him the address of the gig. With a sign she picked the guitar and started singing

I walk a lonely road.....

By Green day

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20 Feb, 2020
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