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An Old Croaked House, California Part 1

An Old Croaked House, California Part 1

By Sansid - 1 Review

Once, there was a young couple who had shifted to an old croaked house in California. The couple wanted their house to look modern and vintage. So, they thought to furnish their home. The yellow light, the huge glass chandeliers and a simple white wall made the house elegant.

Mr Lewis was a professional detective. He was quite clever and sharp. Earlier he lived in Seattle but then he shifted to California, as the FBI offered him a high post and he accepted it. He was a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes and has all the books of him. He was very serious with his investigation and his job.

Mrs Lewis, his wife, was a children's author. She had written many kinds of books and children love reading them. She was a very friendly and a kind woman who loved baking cakes and cookies. Although Mr Lewis, was not a fan of her books, he always encouraged and supported her wife to write more.

Just after one week, Mr Lewis had to go to San Francisco for an important mission.

"Honey, we have just come here... is it important to go there." Mrs Lewis protested.

"I am sorry Lara, I have to go. I'll be back in a few weeks." He said, sadly, "Even I don't want to leave you but I can't do anything, Honey."

Mrs Lewis was sad, indeed. She never wanted her husband to go away from her, but she couldn't do anything.

Before leaving the house, Mrs Lewis said sadly, "Well then, bye Honey. Call me soon!"

They both hugged each other and in a few moments, Mr Lewis was gone in the taxi. As Mrs lewis, closed the door, she heard a loud crash. She thought that a pot in the kitchen fell but there was nothing. She decided to go and check, her neighbour. Mrs Lewis has never met her neighbour, so she thought that she should take something for her neighbour.

She placed some freshly made cookies in a white box and quickly went to change her clothes. She wore a light pink dress and a feathered hat. Before leaving, she wore her heels and locked the door...

Author Notes: To be Continued...

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10 Sep, 2020
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