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Spilled Secrets
Spilled Secrets

Spilled Secrets

2 Reviews

You repeat anything and everything that has potential.

Always taking chances

Never caring about the consequences.

If I said I she jumped off a bridge her name would be know in a matter of seconds.

I try to keep my words hidden.

But sometimes they find a crack in the wall and spill out.

Even if its just a drop you rush to the screen not caring if your seen and snatch the drop and put it in front of the world to see.

I cant tell you how many rolls of duck tape I have used but you always find a crack.

You take that story or word and make them suffer from what they didn't do.

Yet you have more friends then a swarm of bees.

But do they really like you?

No they only care about you for the stories and secrets you spill out to the world.

You laugh and tease the kids who have done nothing wrong.

You take the smallest stories and build them to something they really aren't.

Oh how I long to confront you.

How I want you to see what you do to other people.

But I cant because instead I another minor piece to your game.

Author Notes: just thoughts spilled out in to words.(OMG!!! Its on the home page!!!!! YAY)

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About The Author
About This Story
3 Mar, 2017
Read Time
1 min
4.0 (2 reviews)

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