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It's My Life
It's My Life

It's My Life

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Lucy is sixteen years old and lives by herself. She has long black hair that is soft as silk and beautiful blue eyes that look as if they were sapphires. Lucy also has four really good friends their names are DJ, Matt, Holly, and Cassy, Holly’s twin sister. DJ has brown hair and outstanding hazel eyes. Matt has black hair and deep, black eyes like a black hole. Holly and Cassy have blond hair the color of gold and emerald green eyes. Being identical twins it is hard to tell them apart. Lucy’s friends are together and she is the third wheel. Lucy is cool with it because all she wants is for her dear friends to have someone in their life to make them happy. It was clear that she didn’t have that but maybe not forever.

Chapter One

Lucy’s p.o.v

Today was the first day of school, and I wasn’t excited. I was used to sleeping all day until I had to go to work. I was getting dressed when my phone ranged. I looked to see who it was, and just as I thought, it was Holly.

“Hey, ready for the best years of your life!” Holly exclaimed excitedly, over the phone. “ I mean this is the year that you could, you know get a boyfriend.” Holly was the kind of girl that can fall for anyone but, she was also the girl that pushed her friend to do the same things she does.

“Yeah, I think it’s going to be a good year, but I’m not going to get in a relationship right now. I have to focus on school and what comes after.” I explained to Holly for the hundredth time since we’ve been friends. I don’t like to get involved with that kind of stuff. I did once but my “ boyfriend” moved so it is pretty stupid to get into a relationship if they don’t stay together.

“Well don’t be such a Debbie-Downer. I mean we are sophomores so it is high time we have fun, including you Lucy.”

“Well, it’s my life. Ok, so don’t worry about me. I have to go. See you at school ‘kay.” I was never much for conversions. I was halfway dressed. I decided to wear a black tank with a white hoodie and a pair of blue ripped jeans. I like to be casual because I’m never really fancy. I never wear dresses because they make me feel uncomfortable. I just put my up in a ponytail. I jump in my car and drove to school.

“Hey, whats up” I said once I got in the school’s cafe. All my friends were talking about the new extengan student that was supposed to be from London. I don’t really care; it's not like I’ll ever meet him.

“ Hey girl, what have you been up to this summer. Holls and me have been partying most of the summer. I swore I invited you but you never showed girl why is that?” Cassy said. She got red highlight over the summer.. It was ticible that she was partying, drinking , and getting it to fights. She was never like her sister. Holly gets good grades but get in to deep shit and Cassy is a troublemaker and asshole but she is compassionate about her friend and her twin sis.

“Cass, hey, you know I don’t do that kind of stuff and it’s my life I decide what to do with it ‘k and like I told you before I hate parties they are loud and full of drama. I hate drama remember.” I truly hate parties but I never went to one so I don’t know what they’re really like. I never drank a bottle beer before so I don't know what it tastes like. I remember that my parents used to drink so I never wanted to try it if it is going to turn you into a monster. I really don’t like to remember.

“Hey, Lu are you there the speaker just said for you to go to the office. I don’t know why but you know how the secretary gets when someone is late to her call, especially men.” Cas committed.

It only took a minute to get to the office. When I step through that door my whole life changed.

Author Notes: There will be a part 2. Please enjoy and comment. Thank you.

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18 Dec, 2019
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3 mins
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