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Andraaknas is from US United States • 25 y/o • Male

Poetry galore

Promise Me
Poem by Oxygen (15)
Promise me you’ll stay by my side.
<1 min
Words: 107
Read Time: <1 min
a happier tornado of emotions
Love: so sickening beautiful. I hate it...
<1 min
Words: 149
Read Time: <1 min
I Think....
Musing by why_now (17)
I think....I think....I think....But is it reasonable?
<1 min
Words: 67
Read Time: <1 min
Words of Nothing
Story by Amber Jones (16)
For those who have lost their beloved to the ruthless vice of war.
7 mins
Words: 1575
Read Time: 7 mins
Palvine Part 13
"I love you."
2 mins
Words: 513
Read Time: 2 mins
Story by golden (23)
I'm sitting here in a hospital bed with not a single flower or balloon or cheap stuffed bear in sight.
1 min
Words: 332
Read Time: 1 min
Story by Rishi Goel (18)
This story is for an english assignment, grade 11. I wrote this to try to avoid cliches and the normal narrative structure. It's a suicide not based around the reasoning why a person killed themselves
3 mins
Words: 791
Read Time: 3 mins
Two Friends
Story by Thomas Ray (18)
Happy? Maybe someday.
2 mins
Words: 431
Read Time: 2 mins
Wings 18+
Poem by kkhause (21)
A suicide note of hopelessness and pain...
<1 min
Words: 133
Read Time: <1 min
Am I Still in Love With You
Story by HudaFatima (29)
Does the love still lingers on after the heart has fallen out of love
3 mins
Words: 671
Read Time: 3 mins
Falling Slowly
Poem by Poetic_Seppuku (22)
A short poem about someone's slow fall into depression and death seen through an endless well.
<1 min
Words: 99
Read Time: <1 min
Tell Me Not to Cut
Poem by BreeClaire2001 (19)
Go ahead, baby. Tell me not to cut.
<1 min
Words: 73
Read Time: <1 min
Accident or Suicide
Poem by From_Me (19)
A poem about the pain of a torn mental state caused by inner demons and thoughts of suicide.
<1 min
Words: 46
Read Time: <1 min