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Author21 is from US United States • 21 y/o • Female

Reviews Given

Tell Me Not to Cut by BreeClaire2001

depressing, but I love it!

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Asylum Ch.2 by 🌸Fate

I love the vocabulary in this chapter it makes the story more alluring to read. Can't wait for chapter 3!!

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I Miss You by TheForgotten

I keep reading all of your writing and I feel like I'm looking for the other half to my heart in your writing. So amazing!!

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Asylum Ch.1 by 🌸Fate

I like it so far. I can't wait to see more of it.

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Ghost of Anxiety by Rich Powell

Ghost and lost don't rhyme but I like the poem.

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White to Red by FlamingGrill

I like the way this was written but it needs more to make it more powerful. The idea is amazing though and your wording is spectacular.

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Scars Fade <3 by Sam Tyler

Inspirational for sure. I really liked the way this was written!

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