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DEESOSWEET is from WF Wallis and Futuna • 21 y/o

... (continued)
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"Don't End Up Like Mommy Did."
Story by untiltheend (27)
Drugs and alcohol abuse ruins families, get it together kids. It's not finished but it's a start:)
3 mins
Words: 768
Read Time: 3 mins
Never Wanted
Story by smiles105 (24)
There once was a little baby girl born on Feb. 26, 1997. Her biological mom didn't even care. The ... (continued)
3 mins
Words: 618
Read Time: 3 mins
Story by DEESOSWEET (21)
two friends talk about fighting and ends up becoming facebook famous for the wrong reason and how your friend some times when things get tough they might not always be there and keep their word
<1 min
Words: 160
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