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kiraafinifrock is from US United States • 19 y/o • Female

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I wish I could just be ALONE by Life_is_Hard

raw on the surface

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Yellow Day by Swapna

I liked the message, and the fact that it is a true story makes it both better and worse- better because of how real it is, and worse because of how real it is.

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My Unattractive Thoughts by EagertoWrite44

I liked the last two lines as well as "It's something of a rush knowing her soul has been bared". I like how it's a story about writing stories, and overall, it was a well use of rhymes. Some advice would be to focus on one aspect toward the middle and really dig deep to find out why it's like that- like, for example, really digging deep into why you enjoy writing and why it brings you such relief.

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The Hidden Truth by danarae

I really enjoyed the beginning where you describe this world, it's creative and intriguing. I also liked how you described the wonderful sides of these humans- their amazing power and harmonious peace- as well as the dark sides- them wanting to take over. It kind of shows the light and dark that's in everyone, and I enjoyed it.

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Your Fault by NobodyImportant

Final paragraph was my favorite, good story.

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Words of the Dead by JamesD147

I liked your idea that "Life is not as complex as you may think" and I liked that line. Was a pretty good and intriguing message. I also liked your line "Don't grow old regretting your life, grow old roaming free."

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The Wrong Picture by Molz

The idea wasn't necessarily bad, but I feel as though there wasn't enough development to really connect with the characters, and with a story like this, it's all about the feeling. I like this line: "I had to lock myself up in a world of sorrow and misery before I could return to my normal life", and I like the line that followed that showed the contrast between the innocent life and the misery. However, if it showed more contrast and was further developed, it would be better;

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Never Say No Bro ! by Swapna

I liked how a lot of your lines held meaning, good use of diction. Decent poem

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