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Meemee28 is from US United States • 42 y/o

The green light takes her through the long corridor of the hospital and she is surprised that she passed beside the nurses and even through the reception without anyone stopping her to ask questions
16 mins
Words: 3205
Read Time: 16 mins
Twenty Devilish Faces The Fight For Alexis
I wanted to shout out but no sound would emerge, I couldn’t move, speak and worse I couldn’t scream. I couldn’t release the huge energy build up of terror from my body, I was sure I was going
15 mins
Words: 3096
Read Time: 15 mins
Maze Hunters
As we were flying the helicopter began to shake and then a huge like worm hole appeared and the helicopter was then sucked into the worm hole. We saw complete darkness for a few minutes. The darkness
15 mins
Words: 3127
Read Time: 15 mins
Demon Father
The very bright light from the icosahedron object was blinding my eyes because it was so bright. I wasn’t sure what this thing was while I was laying there, but in my mind I was thinking
12 mins
Words: 2546
Read Time: 12 mins
Dream Journal
A Journal of my dreams about Aliens, UFOS, black helicopters, Satan, and futuristic things. The Dream Journal will grow over time as I have more strange dreams as time goes on. Fifteen short stories
26 mins
Words: 5228
Read Time: 26 mins