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Rich Powell

SaturnStar is from GB United Kingdom • 34 y/o • Male

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Reviews Given

Wanderer by Adalyne5

I love emotive stories like this. Good job - keep up the good work!

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Jungle In The Gym by Matt Decker

Definitely something I'd want to read to children at night. Well done and keep up the great poetry.

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The Shortest Dead End by Kat

I agree with Fate that it's good. It's something that you can certainly build upon. The one thing that I wished for, though, is something more finished. It feels like the beginning of something. Something good, perhaps? I, personally, like conclusions or cleverly open-ended stories that leave me with thought.

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Tax Everything Poem by Galaxian

A humorous poem about tax, tax, and more tax.

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Little Johnny at the Park by Galaxian

This funny short story is one to tell your friends at a social.

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His First Time by Galaxian

This touches my strange sense of humour. I found this to be very funny!

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Tonal Shades of Lightning by lemonslice

Thank you for your submission. You are a talented writer.

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November 21st at 6:58am by 🌸Fate

Thank you for the well-written story.

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