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why_now is from US United States • 16 y/o • Female

so lost in this stupid world..

Reviews Given

The Inferno’s Lover by Damian Huffer

I love this!! You have a good way with words :)

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Midnight Masquerade by AaronTheRocker

very good writing!!!

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Not Alone by AaronTheRocker

really good. loved the detail!

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He Did It | Part 2 by polaroid

I love this!! again, the detail is amazing! I cannot wait for part 3! keep up the good work

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1955 by polaroid

LOVE your style of writing! you are very good at it

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He Did It | Part 1 by polaroid

You're a really good writer and I can't wait until part 2! Love the detail :)

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Heartbroken by Andraaknas

message me when you can please

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