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My Father
Story by Caren Allister (43)
Linda is sitting in her room, hearing her parents fight. Linda's father Vernon had expected her mother to have dinner ready for him. This story criticises traditional stereotypical gender roles.
2 mins
Words: 596
Read Time: 2 mins
The Exile 18+
Story by Logan van Engelen (43)
Ben awakens and finds himself in a situation he has no memory of. Determined to get answers he pushes on. Nothing could prepare him for what happens next...
35 mins
Words: 7036
Read Time: 35 mins
The Beach House
Story by mackenzie (26)
A story about running away, living a life of melancholy and spending an evening at the beach.
11 mins
Words: 2330
Read Time: 11 mins
I Died So an Antichrist Could Live 18+
Story by lpratt948 (75)
The text examines the afterlife of a Vietnam draftee who was conscripted in place of another and how viewing the life of the un-conscripted impacts the draftee's afterlife.
18 mins
Words: 3692
Read Time: 18 mins
Give Me the Gun!
Story by Donald R. Fletcher (105)
A teacher confronts an embittered student who has a gun.
2 mins
Words: 541
Read Time: 2 mins
The Sunbed and a Margareta
Story by Ricks (72)
The office manager has trouble with her boss and a new computer system that leaves them vulnerable to theft.
3 mins
Words: 707
Read Time: 3 mins
Hansel & Grettle Are the Bad Guys
Story by Durandal (19)
This is an assignment I did for school. The story we used was one where Hansel & Grettle died. We had to make an argument in either the witch is or is not innocent.
3 mins
Words: 765
Read Time: 3 mins
The Man With a Broken Nose
Story by IanG (59)
In post-war Britain, a young photographer meets a man who tried to abduct him when he was a child.
10 mins
Words: 2029
Read Time: 10 mins
Story by Adalyne5 (25)
A boy is an outsider trying to find out how to get out of his situation. He is stuck between one world and another with only himself to fall upon.
4 mins
Words: 919
Read Time: 4 mins
The Garden and the Seed
Story by Matt Bailey (39)
A short allegory
3 mins
Words: 778
Read Time: 3 mins
Daddy's Girl 18+
Story by AlexHazel (64)
After rescuing a young woman from a risky situation in a bar, Matt Lancaster finds himself drawn into her world and discovers her to be even more fascinating than she appears.
47 mins
Words: 9544
Read Time: 47 mins
This Lonely Road
Story by NobodyImportant (23)
Metaphorical story about struggling through life, and new beginnings.
8 mins
Words: 1628
Read Time: 8 mins
"Just Get Out of Bed?" - Depression and Mindfulness
Story by npadlo (43)
Illustration of my own personal battle with depression and substance abuse. Explains why I couldn't get out of bed, how I finally got help, and found some relief and recovery in my breath.
3 mins
Words: 784
Read Time: 3 mins
Story by MaxMore (73)
A true tale of mystery and strange happenings at an English school
6 mins
Words: 1271
Read Time: 6 mins
A Boy Called Thunder
Story by IanG (59)
A child has gone missing in the woods and a young woman sets off to help in searching for him.
15 mins
Words: 3027
Read Time: 15 mins
Heroic Measures 18+
Story by Donald R. Fletcher (105)
A marriage partner confronts her fatal choice.
3 mins
Words: 664
Read Time: 3 mins
Story by Lussac (61)
A tale of severe mental suffering and a very difficult decision. It is a fictional piece, although inspired by a true but tragic story.
4 mins
Words: 860
Read Time: 4 mins
Story by Lussac (61)
A wife's plans to rid herself of her husband go badly awry. This can be read alone or as a sequel to 'MURDEROUS PLANS'
6 mins
Words: 1383
Read Time: 6 mins
Poem by Aimee (19)
I have no description but apparently I have to put one in so there.
1 min
Words: 267
Read Time: 1 min
Music Is Healing
Story by JTCountryPop (28)
Dylan faces extreme anxiety, but when he joins a band he starts to open up more and have friends. However, when he starts to be overcome with darkness, he must rely on music to find the light again.
29 mins
Words: 5806
Read Time: 29 mins
My Imaginary Friend
Story by
Marry had an unusual imaginary friend, but is he really imaginary?
2 mins
Words: 567
Read Time: 2 mins