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-Lynnyan- is from US United States • 16 y/o • Female

I’m a lemonhead 🍋

Reviews Given

My Strange Friend - My Cupboard by Muxima

There is a lot of potential here! A handful of your grammatical errors are quite easy to fix, and that will entice readers to stay longer to read a bit more. If you want some advice or want to ask me to shut up, feel free to message me.

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Rain by Rachel Elizabeth

Yes. Just yes. The emotions and the way I can relate is just. Yes.

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I Will Still Love You by hazel basil

Omg this hits way too close to home :(
But it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one struggling with these emotions. Good job writing them down like this, it’s really good!!

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The Glue by Anthony E

This is so true! Mothers hold the family together. Great poem!

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UHHHH IM BACK by hvdiyya

omg, welcome back! i've missed our strange chats :)

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King Kyruss by Lev821

A nice cliché twist done a little differently, I really enjoyed reading this!

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Catherine's Life - Chapter One by XXawesome_personXX

I enjoyed the mystery of waking up and not knowing what’s going on. There’s really only one thing that jumped out at me that you can improve on. When writing, try to discribe the world your creating a little bit more. For example, describe what the castle looked like as Elizabeth/Ashley brought Catherine/Madison inside. I think that’s it. All in all, it was really good! You’re off to a great start.

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Salt and Sugar by Theo

This is beautiful! Good for you for having the courage to walk away like that. Remember, every bad experience teaches us something. Thank you for sharing this.

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