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-Lynnyan- is from US United States • 13 y/o • Female

i have decided to call all the people who keep up with my stories and leave nice reviews "loaves of bread". thank you for your time.

Reviews Given

How Long by Sepperince J.

This really spoke to my heart. You did a great job putting these emotions into words. I can't wait to read more of your works!

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Crying Alone in the Darkness by kayleeistwix

I really enjoyed this story! I have to admit, I expected that he was crushing on Jessica. But the part where he was stabbed caught me off-guard! There a few grammatical errors, but those are easily fixed. All in all, it was a great read! Keep writing :)

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My Mind by Black Sheep

Don't let your mind win. You are an incredible person, and if I can see that from across a screen it must be true. Brains can be annoying and complete buttholes sometimes, but you can't let yours get the best of you.
I wish you the best as you work through this. Keep going, you're worth it.

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I'm Quitting by ✧TearsFall✧

how flippin dare you >:(((
you did get me tho-

q^q am I rly that gullible?

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If Fairytales Made Sense by PuffyPancakes

Please do more of this! I really enjoyed it :D

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The Future by Chantal

This is beautiful! I completely relate, and I know others do too! You did a great job with the way it sounds and how it rhymes. A wonderful poem, keep writing!

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I Am Sorry by HazbinAllover

I don't know what it is that you did, but I'd forgive you. And if whoever this is for is important, they will too.

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The Pain by ✧TearsFall✧

The tragedy of losing someone so very dear to you. It hurts and you showed that really well! I like how you changed up the style throughout the poem, it made it interesting to read. Great job!

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