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-Lynnyan- is from US United States • 16 y/o • Female

I’m not back

Reviews Given

How Long by Sepperince

This really spoke to my heart. You did a great job putting these emotions into words. I can't wait to read more of your works!

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Crying Alone in the Darkness by kayleeistwix

I really enjoyed this story! I have to admit, I expected that he was crushing on Jessica. But the part where he was stabbed caught me off-guard! There a few grammatical errors, but those are easily fixed. All in all, it was a great read! Keep writing :)

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My Mind by Black Sheep

Don't let your mind win. You are an incredible person, and if I can see that from across a screen it must be true. Brains can be annoying and complete buttholes sometimes, but you can't let yours get the best of you.
I wish you the best as you work through this. Keep going, you're worth it.

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I'm Quitting by hvdiyya

how flippin dare you >:(((
you did get me tho-

q^q am I rly that gullible?

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If Fairytales Made Sense by PuffyPancakes

Please do more of this! I really enjoyed it :D

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The Future by Chantal

This is beautiful! I completely relate, and I know others do too! You did a great job with the way it sounds and how it rhymes. A wonderful poem, keep writing!

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I Am Sorry by HazbinAllover

I don't know what it is that you did, but I'd forgive you. And if whoever this is for is important, they will too.

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The Pain by hvdiyya

The tragedy of losing someone so very dear to you. It hurts and you showed that really well! I like how you changed up the style throughout the poem, it made it interesting to read. Great job!

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