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15ACooper is from GB United Kingdom • 17 y/o • Female

Don't let anyone say you can't do something because they are just jealous that you can do it and they can't.

One Night With a Call Girl 18+
Story by SubashAnjuru (37)
The most beautiful stories of life happen in those dark places where you never dare to go..
25 mins
Words: 5048
Read Time: 25 mins
More Than That
Story by VanDerKhan (26)
how a girl refuses a boy because of one small innocent mistake and costs him his life.....a story of a boy who is tired of life and its struggles...
3 mins
Words: 778
Read Time: 3 mins
Story by Kiraa (19)
Wrote this when I was ten, just recently found it.
1 min
Words: 238
Read Time: 1 min
The Last Words
Story by SoundOblivion (24)
Tick...Tick...Tick... the clock on the white colored wall screamed. Room 520 I took a deep breath an... (continued)
5 mins
Words: 1064
Read Time: 5 mins