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AlphaRiot is from US United States • 18 y/o • Male

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Love Blinds You by Jailbreaker01

This story was absolutely amazing. The plot and overall emotions in the story made it spectacular. To be honest, this story angered me quite a bit. Mostly the fact that this seems highly related to real life. Where guys "love" his significant other specifically for her body. It makes me mad, but those emotions of mine is what made this a great story. The realism within it. Keep up the good work.

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Asylum Ch.2 by 🌸Fate

To be honest...WOW! This entire series so far was intense to me. It really does reflect on how most people nowadays jump to conclusions. You better continue this series. I am looking forward to more of your stories. Keep up the outstanding work.

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For the Moment by augumon21

The story was rather good up until the end. What was said about his teacher at the end was very confusing to me. I wasn't all that sure where that fit into the story. I didn't really notice the plot until the girl was getting attacked. Also, your grammar was all over the place. Little tip: when a new person speaks, that is the start of a new paragraph. Capitalize your I in every sentence. Just work on these key elements and I believe you could make a wonderful story. Good luck.

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That Isn't True by augumon21

I can see where you're coming from with this story, but there were many flaws. Most notably your grammar and sentence structure. You had way too many run-on sentences and it made it rather difficult to keep track. Other than that, it wasn't bad. Could be better. Good luck with all your writing in the future.

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An Angel's Note by Hokay21

This is probably the first story I looked at on this site, and I must say, it was a good choice. I love how realistic you made it seem. Especially because I know someone who, even though is still alive, went through similar obstacles. The reason why I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because, like TheForgotten said, it reminds me a lot of the show 13 Reasons Why. Another reason is because i feel like the ending could have easily been avoided, but at the same time, the ending is also why I enjoyed this so much. Whether that makes sense or not is up to your interpretation, but just know that this story was absolutely magnificent, and it honestly made me cry. I'm not a crier at all. Keep up the good work and I hope to read more of your stories.

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