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Auron is from US United States • 19 y/o • Female

✧ You taught me the courage of stars before you left. How light carries on endlessly even after death.. ✧

Reviews Given

Classic Salvation by Andy (Formerly Apemann)

I enjoy this story because of how smooth the words flow together. Great job!

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Be Still, Your Beating Heart by Nathan M Green

Nice! Reminds me of an X Files episode, but different, nonetheless. I was worried it would be the same, but it wasn't, so I like your originality.

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I'm a Forgotten Picture Frame by PoeticT

I love this, gives off a nostalgic feel!

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Right Time by Nesh

I for one enjoy this story greatly! It is heartwarming, yet sad. Great job!

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Guardian by Author Unknown

This is very touching as Christian myself, good job!

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A Poem of Heartaching Thoughts by Rich Powell

What a beautiful poem! I enjoyed the use of the capitalized 'She' as kiraafinifrock had stated. It makes it seem like the person you are speaking of is very important in your life. It makes the poem more touching and sincere. Great job!

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Accepting the Jungle by KilalaKitty

I agree with lemonslice. You shouldn't start a story without knowing who is speaking.

Beyond that, I enjoyed the story, keep up the good work!

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Don't Let Me Go by Heartaches.13

I love this beautiful short story because there's not many like it. Overall, good job, but it had a few mistakes such as:

'Just than, I woke up.'

Instead it should've been;

"Just then, I woke up."

Just be sure to check it through before submitting, but nice job!

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