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Carmen is from CA Canada • 14 y/o • Female

It will never be perfect so make it work

Reviews Given

Harry Potter and the Perciverious Water by Tammy

I really like it! You should develope the idea more and then make it longer, this could make a good long story.

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Forever Gone but Not Forgotten by LittleDevil

It is a great poem, i like the rythm

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Life by DD051005

omg. that must have been so hard for u #digitalhugs

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Sparks by weenu

this was great. pretty meaning full

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I Cant Breathe by Skyler

This was a great poem!

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My Imaginary Friend by Skyler

It was a really good story!! It was something you didn't have to think about, just had to read.

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Amends by TheWaterworks

That's so sad!!!

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The Unknown Girl (Pt 2) by Tiffany


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