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DD051005 is from US United States • 18 y/o • Female

Reviews Given

Dear Bully, by Joshua_12

This is so true

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Monsters Too, Are Afraid. by NobodyImportant

I love your stories so much

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I Have Not a Single Reason by NobodyImportant

So good you are very good at writing.

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You by NobodyImportant

Just so you know you are not alone I love and care about just as much as everyone here. 😢😍

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Enemy by Oxygen

The only enemy I have is myself :(

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(Not) Worth It by Despicable_Moi

This is so good

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Who Are You by HazbinAllover

Most people are too scared to tell who they are.

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My Poems by HazbinAllover

these are really good

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