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Friendthebluesheep is from US United States • 19 y/o

Call me Moss :D

Musing by Theo (16)
Valentines day. the most dreaded of holidays when its being spent in the closet
<1 min
Words: 130
Read Time: <1 min
Freaks-Chapter One
Story by Black_sheep (17)
Everything has a specific set of rules to follow and if you don’t follow the rules you’ve broken the natural order of things.
14 mins
Words: 2963
Read Time: 14 mins
golden boy (part one)
Story by ~ twixx ~ (14)
on this night, a golden-haired boy sat cradled in the embracing arms of three sturdy tree branches
1 min
Words: 254
Read Time: 1 min
I Am Told
Musing by Black_sheep (17)
Homophobia and Suicide is in the following story. This is my way of bringing attention to what I believe should be changed, if you do not like it don't read it. Thank you for your time.
1 min
Words: 339
Read Time: 1 min
I Could Never Hate You
Poem by Sad🥺 (16)
I hate these things about you but I could never hate you
<1 min
Words: 142
Read Time: <1 min
My Imaginary Friend
Story by
Marry had an unusual imaginary friend, but is he really imaginary?
2 mins
Words: 567
Read Time: 2 mins