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jeancommunicates is from US United States • 76 y/o

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ATLANTIS by hercules

I enjoyed your rendering of Atlantis. Similar to Noah's Ark, no one listened to Noah, the prophet. God tells us in His Word, that He does nothing, unless He tells His prophets first.

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Just Another Day, That Changed My Life Forever by Sunshine

Hey, it flows and the guy is interesting. You have left us intrigued. Where is the rest of the story?

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Prophecy Child (Part 1) by Blitzø

Prophecy Child certainly has my attention. The mystery is definitely there. Love it so far.

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Tax Everything Poem by Galaxian

Great Poem and so true. We are taxed to death and even after death like you said.

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I Hate by ShAwTy🖤

You've got to see yourself as God sees you. He says you are fearfully and wonderfully made. That is the only body you are going to get so be kind to it. And be kind to yourself. You deserve it. You write beautifully!

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Before, You by kamili jones

Many young people need to read this. There are some people you are better off never meeting. Guard your mind and be very careful of what can clutter it. Do not fear being alone. This writing proves there are worse things.

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The Angels by ✧TearsFall✧

Keep writing. I love reading it.

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3 Words, 8 Letters by ShAwTy🖤

I love it.

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