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kiraafinifrock is from US United States • 18 y/o • Female

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Deep. by Mystery

This is one of the most honest stories I've seen in a while.
The line "I felt nothing sometimes and everything all at once other times" hit me very deeply. That overwhelming sensation of desperation and emptiness, yet swollen with so much despair, is a feeling I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. You can dm me ANYTIME you need to talk about ANYTHING. I promise you, feelings are temporary. Just as happiness won't last forever, neither will sadness. Keep your head up.

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Come and Share My Dreams by Aquarius

Your words seemed to dance off the page, which went perfectly well with the concept of harmony that you presented in this piece. The line "we co-exist with honesty and integrity" impacted me heavily while reading this. This harmonious song would be perfect, if only presented in a world where the majority of people are God willing. Thanks for sharing your dreams.

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The End of the Road by billyyoutwo1

Was quite intriguing... your use of diction to express the confinement of the place was effective. I felt like I had a quick history lesson there. The subtle darkness that lingered behind the words in this story showed though well.

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YOU WEREN'T EVEN THERE by billyyoutwo1

Very true- people seem to enjoy speaking of things they don't know about.

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Angels Can Fly by Bree Claire

It was an intriguing and, for the most part, well-put together story. The trauma was well portrayed. Nice job.

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Someday or Sometime by Kat

Everything fit well for the topic, good use of structure.

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Thoughts For The Day by Galaxian

Kind and refreshing

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Molly by BookishForever23

I'd say to continue, for some reason it's catching my attention. The grammar usage was off at times and the techniques can be dull but it's an intriguing story for me, I'd want to know what happens.

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