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kiraafinifrock is from US United States • 19 y/o • Female

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Haŋhépi Ižáŋžaŋ by AaronTheRocker

Truly so many untold stories inside of this beautiful earth. I really like the delicate beauty of Aurora borealis described as a scar demanding to be seen, as a wild spirit burning across the sky. Really good subtlety here. I also liked the stanza about blood and how the darkness of things can cause a fire in us.
also, I looked up Haŋhépi Ižáŋžaŋ and all I found was a recipe for pudding (not sure how that correlated) but I like how it's unknown to me. It adds to the mystery of earths' treasures painted in the poem.

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Nobody Road by AaronTheRocker

I appreciate the honesty in this. it reminds me of how we block out memories to cope with trauma and the despair that comes through shame, fear, and anger. The desire to not have an identity in an attempt to reclaim this can be so strong.

The creativity in how you gradually went through the process of not existing is really cool here too. You started with the messages through family and told a story within each of the four line stanzas. I really liked that.

Our worth isn't in our productivity and we aren't defined by the toxic messages of our past-- just a friendly reminder.
Hope all is well.

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THIS IS MY ORIGIN by Truthfinder 20

This is absolutely beautiful. It truly is amazing how God has created this canvas of a sky we get the pleasure of looking at during any moment here, and no other explanation stands other than His truth. Thanks for sharing. I really like the final line: "For she now asks the world to prove to her, why her childhood bible story are the wrong facts of how her world came to be."

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After The Rain by AaronTheRocker

This poem reminds me of many things. The first is Jesus and the grace of God because you repeat how the shame has been washed- a concept that's used repeatedly to describe how our shame and past are all washed away through His grace.
I also love how you say "there's a rainbow in your heart" and describe all the negative as outside and positive as inside, hinting that goodness comes from within. I like how you said the "life in survived trees" because that hints there's been a massive storm and it stripped everything away until there was only the goodness left. Beautiful metaphors in this poem.
It also reminds me of the song After The Rain by Rev Theory, so that's good, too. Sometimes, storms do indeed bring clarity.

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Realization by AaronTheRocker

I enjoy the way you depict power and authority and how no one can ever have it all and not become corrupt. This poem explores what it means to be human and forces us to evaluate our own morality. Thanks for writing!

I especially like this line:
I Took the route to have all leader bloods
run and spill out to show who they really are

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The Man With a Broken Nose by IanG

I really liked this story. Your symbolism in this is absolutely beautiful and I'd love to take the time to explore it. Something about when you said "A floor lamp stood behind us like a sentry on guard" really caught my attention, as well as the pigeon description at the end and how Griffin was against a lamp post when the main character saw him. The intriguing beginnings of a tale of forgiveness- or, not to forgive. You're a great writer. Loved how it hints to the morality of war and how it affects the people involved, too. Good stuff.

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The Story of My Life. by 🍓 𝒞𝒽𝓊𝒸𝓀 🍓

I gave it 5 stars for your courage to write this. I think many people go through this, but often times struggle to reach the happy phase again, and struggle even more to admit to their emotions. Remember: It's okay when you don't feel okay, too. Good for you for finding happiness again though :)

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Buried by Sierrapreciado

This is so good. So real. Beautiful representation and metaphor for nature and the desire to feel through ironically actions that prohibit feeling. Beautifully tragic. Do you think snowflakes are given a specific place to land, or are they just victims of the wind? Your mind interests me

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