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kiraafinifrock is from US United States • 19 y/o • Female

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Dead Friend by ceratophrys

Simple and strong.
The only suggestion would be to add stronger words to really grip the emotions, but the structure set the tone and still made it great. I appreciated the subtle contrast.

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The Salvation by MyRealNameIsAwesome

You have a lot of potential and I like stories that are based off of a true event, even if some of the facts could be argued. The ideas within the story were good. There were some grammatical errors. I feel like you could add more emotion through the use of your structure and diction that would leave a more intense lasting impression. Your beginning and ending were good- maybe try using different writing techniques and details throughout the whole story that would really make it great. Overall, good story.

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Love Is a Rose by Jordan Dean

I like how you showed how the rose develops overtime and recovers and blooms again, as does love. I also enjoyed your use of the word "momentary" when you say "It brings momentary beauty with its blossom".

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Addiction by TheForgotten

I liked how repetitive the word addiction was because it shows how when you're an addict, it's all you can think of. It was well set up as the short voice an addict has. However, I feel as though you could've done better with the additives in between, possibly by making them more controversial and really showing the battle that addict fight. But I really like the last line.

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Oh Darling by Madison_Writes

I like how repetitive it was and how it flowed, and I also like the format. I especially like the ending because it shows how resolved everything is in the end. Good poem

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I Can't Hold on Much Longer by JustSomeGirl

The poem was really well put together, grabbed your attention, and most importantly, left an impression. It's brave of you to share your story, and because of that bravery, I have faith that you'll also be strong enough to fight this.

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This Is What Happens When I Get Bored... by Bird

Okay, this is fantastically crazy and random and I love it and I can't get enough

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The Pen by 🌸Fate

This poem is thought-provoking and fluid, yet sharp and full of emotion. I really liked it. However, there are many grammatical errors that stopped me from giving it a 5/5. If those were to be corrected, I would change my rating.

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