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kiraafinifrock is from US United States • 19 y/o • Female

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Realization by AaronTheRocker

I enjoy the way you depict power and authority and how no one can ever have it all and not become corrupt. This poem explores what it means to be human and forces us to evaluate our own morality. Thanks for writing!

I especially like this line:
I Took the route to have all leader bloods
run and spill out to show who they really are

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My Life by Madison_Writes

To open up about your past takes great courage and strength, especially when it's one like this. I appreciate you sharing part of your story with us. I agree with the other comment, you should try channeling your emotions into your writing more and maybe it'll help you to get rid of your habits. I know what's it's like to be there, and I know it hurts but, believe me, it's only a chapter in your journey to becoming the great person you're meant to be. Stay strong, Madison.

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THIS IS MY ORIGIN by Truthfinder 20

This is absolutely beautiful. It truly is amazing how God has created this canvas of a sky we get the pleasure of looking at during any moment here, and no other explanation stands other than His truth. Thanks for sharing. I really like the final line: "For she now asks the world to prove to her, why her childhood bible story are the wrong facts of how her world came to be."

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Buried by Sierrapreciado

This is so good. So real. Beautiful representation and metaphor for nature and the desire to feel through ironically actions that prohibit feeling. Beautifully tragic. Do you think snowflakes are given a specific place to land, or are they just victims of the wind? Your mind interests me

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The Story of My Life. by πŸ“ π’žπ’½π“Šπ’Έπ“€ πŸ“

I gave it 5 stars for your courage to write this. I think many people go through this, but often times struggle to reach the happy phase again, and struggle even more to admit to their emotions. Remember: It's okay when you don't feel okay, too. Good for you for finding happiness again though :)

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Mother Says She Wants Me Dead by AaronTheRocker

The point of art is to cause controversy by bringing an issue to light- whether it be an internal conflict, a political issue, a human rights issue or anything else. Thank you for utilizing art in its purposed form.

You often incorporate a sort of song style with background singers through parenthesis, it's almost a traditional trait of yours so I appreciate that was put in here again. I like how you personified Time and Nature as well as the lines "fragile life turned broken glass." This poem is a story with beautiful structure and perspective that catches your gut and makes you think. Thanks, again, for sharing a piece of your mind with us.

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Thoughts For The Day by Galaxian

Kind and refreshing

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When The Reign Comes Down by AaronTheRocker

This sounds a lot like the terrifying book Revelation. I like how you started the poem how you did, with sin breeding in the mind and taking over all. So true. The whole word play on reign and rain is cool here too. Definitely will be a scary time. But hey, we know the ending that Jesus wins. I also like these lines: "Danger it lives, freedom it dies/ rewriting rules of humanity." The entire push-and-pull of evil and good here is a cool topic. Our world is such a wild place.

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