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Lussac is from FR France • 57 y/o

Reviews Given

Wanderer by Adalyne5

I really enjoyed reading this. The very unexpected ending was brilliant!

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Bumpy Writings by coffeesoakedshoes

I liked this. Very brave of you to continue actually writing whilst experiencing rough turbulence... although I imagine it must have been quite therapeutic.
I just noticed one tiny detail.... did you really have a 'handle' on your mug of tea???

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Burning by Gerry

Well said Gerry.
& hopefully your Gov't will stop using so many fossil fuels before next year.... Fingers crossed for you

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Daddy's Girl by AlexHazel

Are you going to carry on with your story?

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Strawberry Fields by Matt Bailey

Very well written.
Are you going to go further with the story?

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"Just Get Out of Bed?" - Depression and Mindfulness by npadlo

An honestly-written heart-felt account. Thank you for sharing.

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Loop by magnamata

Great - Very vivid imagery!

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O for OBSTACLE by Neil K Spencer

Great! I loved the suspense!
I think a word other than 'goo' would have been better though for the human remains.
(Also, a couple of spelling mistakes like 'whale' instead of 'wail' - hope that's not being pernickety.....)

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