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PandaBearLove101 is from US United States • 32 y/o

True Love Lasts :]
Being In Love.   I read our text messages over and over smiling and giggling at them. I missed him... (continued)
8 mins
Words: 1648
Read Time: 8 mins
Just Read To Find Out, Haha (:
6 mins
Words: 1371
Read Time: 6 mins
Nobody really knew the truth; but believed the rumors.
A girl at school who gets made fun of and teased or treated as invisible everyday at school. Everyone gives her a hard time just because of one sad incident that nobody really understood.
3 mins
Words: 779
Read Time: 3 mins
True Love Is Blind.
A short love story about how real true love is blind. No matter what you need to go through you will go through anything just to have happiness for the love of your life. Just read (:
7 mins
Words: 1433
Read Time: 7 mins