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Rosa_0023 is from US United States • 16 y/o • Female

I’m having a bad, bad day. It’s about time that I get my way.

Reviews Given

I'll Always Be in Your Heart (Levi Ackerman X Reader) by Aquamarine

This was really well written, and I feel like you’ve expressed the idea of the person’s memory and legacy living on with others in a very different way. The second person aspect was also really cool. I don’t think I’ve seen any other second person stories on here before, but it was really neat and creative of you to have made it that way. Beautiful job! :)

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Part of my story by Joshua_12

I'm trying to choose my words really carefully, but it's really messed up that that's how some people are like in this world. Absolutely no one has any right to do that to you, so I really hope you know that none of that was your fault. I'd say that you're brave, but right now that seems a little naive, even though you really are. I also can't say that I truly understand because I couldn't imagine how everything you've been through must feel, but your story has touched me in a really deep way. I can say, though, that I know you can overcome what's happened. Know that my thoughts are with you, and if you ever need any help you could always reach out.

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Moods- Part 4 by 𓆩קhσꫀɳi᥊𓆪

I really like the description you put into this. Excited for the next part!

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Baby Doll by Broken_Hearted

omgggg! That ending really got to me... Amazing work!

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Zodiac Clans by The Clingy Bestfriend

I like this idea of zodiac clans. My sister got me really into the signs this year, and then I thought it was really creepy (but cool) how accurate the zodiac personalities were to my family. And the aries was really funny! and it's that kind of crazy that I'd expect from that sign. Love it! <3

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The Holy Bible by The Clingy Bestfriend

I like this idea. And I think the last line leaves a really powerful message.

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Fred by Broken_Hearted

omg creepyyyy. Is there gonna be another part???

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When the Last Petal Falls by The Clingy Bestfriend

ooo... I like the idea of soulmates.

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