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TheForgotten is from US United States • 19 y/o • Female


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My Mind by Ghost

I liked it, it was interesting. The flow was a little bumpy here and there, but overall it was good.

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New Moon by K. Kaprie

I liked it, it was cute and the rhyme was good

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This Story Has Been Removed. This Story Has Been Removed. This Story by DRayVan

The story was well written and the story keeps the reader's attention well. A job well done. And thank you for your service.

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The Guilt That Drowns Me Each Night by HudaFatima

Feeling guilt in this situation is understandable, but sometimes hard decisions need to be made. Although your mother (I'm guessing this is true) did not want the operation, it seems that it was needed, you tried your best and that's all you could have done. Do not feel guilty for what you couldn't do, be proud of what you could do, and be happy of the memories you have with your mother, even though it may be hard. Hang in there

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The Silent Song by Allanah

Wow. Topic was great and the execution of it was fantastic. Lovely work.

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Best Friends Forever by Reema149

The overall idea of the story is good, and the rhyme overall was good but there were patches where the beat of the poem was a little off. Otherwise a cute piece

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The story in itself was good. There were parts when commas were missing and some where a period was needed but overall the grammar was good. Word choice was a tad over done, while a large word here and there is good and adds to the story many of them can often times make the sentence a little choppy. Overall a job well done

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Ceaseless Grey by NobodyImportant

A good poem, but it is very sad. Everything going okay? Please seek help if you are having unhealthy thoughts, it may not seem like it but life is never hopeless.

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