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Story by LeaSheryn (54)
Anna is caught up in her parents' divorce
5 mins
Words: 1053
Read Time: 5 mins
Turn Back Time
Story by OK_BOOMER (14)
This is a song I wrote beacuse I am going through a tough time with my friend and my health.
<1 min
Words: 171
Read Time: <1 min
Poem by Oliver (16)
This poem is about someone trying to fly three times, and the last time they do.
<1 min
Words: 84
Read Time: <1 min
Man's Best Friend
Story by HelloStranger (15)
Cherish what you have now, for you never know when it will be taken from you.
3 mins
Words: 615
Read Time: 3 mins
An Angel's Death
Story by Benjamin (14)
A boy dies a miserable life and is now an Earth Angel...but can he do the right thing? (part 1)
12 mins
Words: 2504
Read Time: 12 mins
Poem by Macy (15)
ill miss you...
1 min
Words: 200
Read Time: 1 min
This isn't the end
Story by Joshua_12 (17)
This is a story for everyone struggling with depression and suicide/ self-harm.
2 mins
Words: 403
Read Time: 2 mins
Life Got Enough
Story by laurenrjn (15)
Life knocked her down knowing she didn’t have much left to fight
<1 min
Words: 148
Read Time: <1 min
Secret -Part Two
Story by Lemon Drop (16)
Reid breaks a rule.. Reid's pov.
2 mins
Words: 468
Read Time: 2 mins
Body Dysmorphia
Story by MyBreath (13)
A lil' about Body Dysmorphia: This is a mental health disorder in which you can't stop thinking about one or more perceived defects or flaws in your appearance. Others can't see it though.
1 min
Words: 249
Read Time: 1 min
The End
Story by laurenrjn (15)
A boy lost his girlfriend to depression, he can’t seem to live with the gilt of not being able to help her.
1 min
Words: 250
Read Time: 1 min
Secret-Part One
Story by Lemon Drop (16)
Wren and Reid are total opposites but both have a shared secret...
1 min
Words: 396
Read Time: 1 min
Not Enough
Poem by LeoraJackson (18)
Sometimes your best isn't enough
<1 min
Words: 93
Read Time: <1 min
Story by nicostocker (43)
It´s a story, of injustice fact of reality that happens in society, how money could buy freedom, and how poor people get sentenced much worse
4 mins
Words: 981
Read Time: 4 mins
Bury Me Low
Musing by déicide (17)
I only have one request
1 min
Words: 202
Read Time: 1 min
A Bowl of Rice
Story by Apurbo (18)
After many weeks, I was given a bowl of rice.
1 min
Words: 224
Read Time: 1 min
Where Did My Litte Ray of Sunshine Go
Story by Kiwi (18)
This is kinda like the process of losing your happiness.
2 mins
Words: 489
Read Time: 2 mins
Not Your Dream
Poem by TrUdY (17)
Sorry for not writing more
<1 min
Words: 162
Read Time: <1 min
Poem by Zekken (17)
Short music like poem
<1 min
Words: 113
Read Time: <1 min
Garry's Story.
Story by TheRedComrade (30)
The backstory to my Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Character
10 mins
Words: 2165
Read Time: 10 mins
Lost in a dream
Story by Ioanna lazarou (90)
Τhe desire to want to go away even if your hearts hold you back
3 mins
Words: 669
Read Time: 3 mins