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People dont understand me
Story by amiXD (25)
A story about a person struggling to deal with many problems in their life. Based on a true experience
<1 min
Words: 186
Read Time: <1 min
Hell of Minds
Story by EmyNaso (32)
The minds of young children are altered by an explosion.They become creatures of a strange force that threatens the world
28 mins
Words: 5613
Read Time: 28 mins
young love
Story by haylee111 (23)
love is everthing
1 min
Words: 242
Read Time: 1 min
The Boy with the New Trousers
Story by pjdonnelly (41)
Rachel and Stephen have always been friends. One day she sees him in a smart new pair of trousers that transform him in her eyes into a handsome young man whom she gradually begins to fall in love wi
12 mins
Words: 2503
Read Time: 12 mins
Blank Love
Story by Luckylee218 (29)
She awoke from a dream. Her eyes shifted to the clock beside her. Though her mind was ... (continued)
15 mins
Words: 3016
Read Time: 15 mins
The Grand Ontological Delimiter
Story by lee (44)
God is in the detail
4 mins
Words: 934
Read Time: 4 mins
December Love
Story by December_love (36)
All that I had is now gone and I have to live with it everyday.. I was the new girl.
9 mins
Words: 1966
Read Time: 9 mins
Story by Sbujobe (36)
I call it growing up, its township life, not everybody those this but believe you me its fool of fun, in that litle space in a squash full rashing hour train you could find love.
1 min
Words: 298
Read Time: 1 min
The path to tear
Story by tessaluvsbliss (23)
about a girl who loves a horse...
4 mins
Words: 965
Read Time: 4 mins
A franklin family story book4
Story by marinifernandez (24)
"My Inspiration" by Sydney Tan
4 mins
Words: 918
Read Time: 4 mins
A franklin family story book3
Story by marinifernandez (24)
"A True Miracle" by Bea Cimafranca
2 mins
Words: 489
Read Time: 2 mins
A franklin family story book2
Story by marinifernandez (24)
"Reflection" by Isabelle Musni
3 mins
Words: 697
Read Time: 3 mins
A franklin family story book1
Story by marinifernandez (24)
"Her Last Words" by Marini Fernandez
6 mins
Words: 1306
Read Time: 6 mins
How Nut To Drink a YooHoo
Story by DrPhilbilly (53)
Breakfast turn to a traffic violation when Dr. Philbilly goes to work.
1 min
Words: 353
Read Time: 1 min
A cold day in hill
Story by Raghda (31)
I love her
2 mins
Words: 477
Read Time: 2 mins
Let Me Cry Part 1
Story by SoundOblivion (23)
Part 1 of this story
2 mins
Words: 494
Read Time: 2 mins
Why is there a sky?
Story by amiXD (25)
Its my first time writing a story. Its probaby real bad but i still wanted to post it anyway.
1 min
Words: 258
Read Time: 1 min
Be Gone Disco Demon
Story by DrPhilbilly (53)
Dr. Philbilly is on the road when his radio is posessed by Disco music.
2 mins
Words: 428
Read Time: 2 mins
Last Wish Part 2 [ending 1]
Story by SoundOblivion (23)
The ending (:
4 mins
Words: 990
Read Time: 4 mins
The Shower
Story by DrPhilbilly (53)
Wayne Carlan aka Dr. Philbilly writes funny true short stories about life experience with southern homespun humor.
1 min
Words: 393
Read Time: 1 min
Me and Wisly
Story by Raghda (31)
me and Wisly forever togather eventhough i am now 23 and he is still 15 since7 years
1 min
Words: 394
Read Time: 1 min