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ammobaby123 is from US United States • 29 y/o

annabelle EVIL rag doll
annabelle the evil rag doll is hurrible and mad at something or someone i dont know the whole story but i thought i should share with u guys in a warning i guess (very long but worth it its very intre
24 mins
Words: 4823
Read Time: 24 mins
robert the doll
This is totally true no joke....i didnt make it up...When a little boy gets a toy from a slave he finds out that his toy is no ordinary toy
3 mins
Words: 696
Read Time: 3 mins
Mom...Dont Go
When a daughtor and a mom fight disappers because of ones desision. ( Be smart and dont ach like this)
<1 min
Words: 152
Read Time: <1 min
The girl in the Red Jacket
Yesterday.... I met a Woman, i met woman all the time but she was different she had A Red Jacket on and curly hair . But all i can remeber is how we met and are conversation. i made this up at a youn
5 mins
Words: 1009
Read Time: 5 mins
anna and her teddy bear
anna and her teddy bear go on an adventure outside and anna forget her teddy bear what will happen? this isnt scary or anything its a childs read (little) :)
1 min
Words: 219
Read Time: 1 min
thought on how my days in school are.
Well, School sucks let me tell u that. but its like a box of chocletes never knowing how it tastes or if its sweet bitter , gross, .. bu make the best of it .. what im writing is how my days at school
4 mins
Words: 937
Read Time: 4 mins
peace fails, violence wins; chapter 2
this is the next chapter to peace fails, violence wins.... this isnt true but it could be and probley already is i hope you enjoy this because i worked on it, and i take pride in my work ..Enjoy:) o
10 mins
Words: 2001
Read Time: 10 mins
peace fails, violence wins
Well this isnt true but i wrote this.. im trying to make this into a book when i get done :) comment on ur thoughts so i know if its good or not ...Enjoy :)
9 mins
Words: 1880
Read Time: 9 mins