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Entangled_Fate is from US United States • 24 y/o • Female

writ•er /'raitər/ -noun A particular organism capable of transforming caffeine into books

Reviews Given

Ghosts by Zip017

What a creepy vibe but I like it that way. Ghost isn't something that should be always feared but it is good to.

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Seventh Trap by Justice_Dolly

Little quick but it is any interesting tale so far. I hope you will continue you this soon.

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An Aid for the Dead. by Imitation.o

Depression is never easy to face alone. Most need someone out there to help them. ❤

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I Promised You by Jailbreaker01

I love this because of how cute it is. Though, I must admit you need to work out some little things in your story. In my opinion, it was a little too rush for me. The character development was done rather sloppy but it is alright. You are a fantastic writer that will get a hang of it. I really do hope to see you write again.


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All of Life Is Flowingness by Aquarius

Thank you so much for sharing.

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Caster the Furniture Ghost by Matt Decker

This was brilliant. I do love the words play and story it told.

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The Purge by ms_magic

The concept you have is a good one but there is too much grammar errors that is hard for me to fully enjoy. Do not fright. I suggest that you ask for an overlook before sumbiting your work to help you out. I do hope to read more of your work in the future. You got this!


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Why Do I Still Trust People by Ghost

Trusting is a natural thing. It is okay to try again buy do know that in time, there is going to be a time when you can't anymore. It's going to be okay because when you meet the right people that want your trust, they will work hard for it.


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