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an arrested individual

fallen_angels is from US United States • 16 y/o

the sea speaks more honestly to those willing to drown

Reviews Given

of paper by ~ twixx ~

again, just wow. this is such a crazy idea, i just keep re-reading it cuz its so just juicy! idk how else to describe this, 10/10

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strawberries by ~ twixx ~

wow. when i say i got chills from reading that... its so good!! :))

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Ignore Them by -Lynnyan-

I love all the descriptive words! It truly is a great short <3
Keep up the great work!!

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Lams, Jeffmads, and Mullette: a Hamilton Fanfiction | Part I by EverythingIsFine

this is amazing! very well written as well

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The Hamilton Twins (Part 2: Flashbacks) by Angel_Aquarius

ahhh i love it! nice job!!

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