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monroserusher is from IE Ireland • 29 y/o

Time To Grow
Alyssa Walker has had two bad experiences with love but then she meets Henderson McIntyre who she falls in love with. She sees Henderson with another girl who turns out to be his sister. Alyssa tries
60 mins
Words: 12068
Read Time: 60 mins
Lost & Found 18+
Hope Mitchell goes to Virginia to find her birth mother but ends up meeting the man of her dreams who so happens to be the extremely handsome Asher Logan. The couple are happy together until Hope's pa
49 mins
Words: 9825
Read Time: 49 mins
Trouble With Love
Kristia believe she is determined to spend her whole life alone until she meets the seriously handsome Jordan. Just when it looks like they'll be together, Jordan's ex lies to Kristia about him
25 mins
Words: 5143
Read Time: 25 mins
The Path To True Love Doesn't Run Smoothly
Jenna narrates her story on her and Paul's role to true love
19 mins
Words: 3806
Read Time: 19 mins
Could We Be More Than Just Friends
Robin and Christina are childhood friends who love each other but don't know what to do about their feelings for each other
17 mins
Words: 3525
Read Time: 17 mins
A Cruel Twist Of Fate
Sara and Coleman are two friends who fall for each other but when Coleman ends up in a road accident, he remembers nothing. He then starts to remember her but she has moved on or has she?
17 mins
Words: 3527
Read Time: 17 mins
Change Of Luck
Cherish Higgins is a beautiful but unlucky in love aspiring writer but then she meets the man of her dreams who so happens to be the handsome Aiden Payne
51 mins
Words: 10217
Read Time: 51 mins