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PinkyTune is from BD Bangladesh • 16 y/o • Female

Whatever I do, I do for a reason. Meaninglessness has a meaning. Nothing is something.

Reviews Given

It Went Quickly by Hobo

It's a very meanngful poem which (poetically) makes us realise how bad times have become. Time flies...

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Belief (Chapter 3) by Auron

Mind-blowing descriptions.

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Insomnia by 🌸Fate

Excellent! I want MORE!!!

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Who Are You? by MissBeth97

Loved it! Amazing! I can't wait to read more of it.

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The Safe Place by Nathan M Green

Simply amazing! Brilliant. A poor child's innocence... Abusive Father... Helpless mother... Every single thing is so subtly conveyed with so little text. Children have the amazing ability to speak cute and short.

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Shattered Soul (Chapter One) by Auron

It was a really amazing story; I loved the theme. I heart how suspense takes over at the last. The end of this chapter leaves the readers wondering what'd be happening next.

Overall, nice effort. But, it had some inconsistencies.

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Shadow by Kiraa

A lovely piece of satire!

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