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polaroid is from US United States • 15 y/o • Female

In my mind, everything wanders.

Reviews Given

I Think.... by why_now

great writing as usual ;)

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Snap! Snap! by Sadaf Awan

I really enjoyed this piece! Will there be a part 2....?

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The War Between Looks and Love by TheForgotten

Really great writing!! This is sadly too true in our world today.. keep up the great work :D

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How Fast Can They Fall by Thomas Ray

You're a brilliant writer!! Are you going to make a part 2??

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I'm Fine by 505771

Really great style! Keep writing

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The Girl Who Was Scared to Love by why_now

Oh my goshhh! I absolutely love your style ;) I'm so happy for you both and the writing is really good! Keep up the good work

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Hi by Thomas Ray

Really love your style! Great attention to detail keep writing! :)

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I Am Only 14 by why_now

Finally, something to relate too. I've been having these exact thoughts throughout my life, thanks for writing. Also, nicely written :)

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