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sammienicoledj777 is from US United States • 19 y/o

Story by BaBEbOO (23)
The boy and the girl was doing great until the girl had cancer...
4 mins
Words: 906
Read Time: 4 mins
True Love Is Blind.
Story by PandaBearLove101 (28)
A short love story about how real true love is blind. No matter what you need to go through you will go through anything just to have happiness for the love of your life. Just read (:
7 mins
Words: 1433
Read Time: 7 mins
Unconditional Love
Story by Dawn25 (28)
This story is about a girl who falls in love with her friend who is in love with someone else, as she struggles through life trying to hold on to their friendship.
12 mins
Words: 2593
Read Time: 12 mins
My Pain.
Story by brokenheart123 (42)
Before you judge me, get to know me.
1 min
Words: 336
Read Time: 1 min
A Moment Like This
Story by AMomentLikeMine (23)
Sad, Inspiring, and Uplifting. The story of acceptance of someone no one could love.
10 mins
Words: 2049
Read Time: 10 mins
To a Pop A Bubble
Story by Meggie120 (25)
Life is not about being scared. Life is about Popping the Bubble.
1 min
Words: 358
Read Time: 1 min
Story by boomman17 (25)
Poem about my ex- girlfriend when we were together
<1 min
Words: 196
Read Time: <1 min
Story by tiger (26)
the story consists of a love triangle between Tiana and her hero want to be and a boy from her past? Could it be that she has seen them before? Also what is this big secret that her dad has been keepi
64 mins
Words: 12894
Read Time: 64 mins
upwalker part 2
Story by tiger (26)
A story about mystery's about boys. And about following your heart but, finding out it's harder then you think
20 mins
Words: 4057
Read Time: 20 mins