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Finding Jason
Story by Dari Poulson (15)
Taylor is tied up to a tree and can't remember how she got there, and being tied up is kind of in the way of finding Jason. (This Happens before The Final Goodbye)
2 mins
Words: 555
Read Time: 2 mins
Story by Quinn34 (16)
I'm not entirely sure what I was aiming for but I suppose it's an alright story. In the words of Abe Lincoln-Potatoes are just hard eggs.
1 min
Words: 315
Read Time: 1 min
In The Swamp
Story by Dari Poulson (15)
Zoey and Jake go to the swamp to have fun, not die...
2 mins
Words: 546
Read Time: 2 mins
When Skies Turn Gray
Story by Dari Poulson (15)
When a horrible tragedy takes place, a young girl, Lizzy has to struggle to survive in the ruined city of Redbrick, without her sister or friends.
11 mins
Words: 2342
Read Time: 11 mins
The Most Horrendous Incident at Sea
Story by Akash (11)
It's a story about a sailor who is trapped in an island near Antarctica. Hope you like it.
10 mins
Words: 2060
Read Time: 10 mins
Who's Who - Part II
Story by Merlin Sheeba Mary R (27)
A human in a fairy realm; What danger it is supposed to bring? Is Marty a real human? Sink in the story of twists and surprises.
6 mins
Words: 1310
Read Time: 6 mins
Madazine : A Nod To R.W. Service
Story by Scriptorius (82)
A poem about the Yukon gold rush.
3 mins
Words: 777
Read Time: 3 mins
Car "Smack"
Story by OregonsIntrepidWritr (23)
A script/short story I wrote in a night for class. Classmates bicker over cars, race for pink slips, comedy.
12 mins
Words: 2445
Read Time: 12 mins
One Book Was All It Took
Musing by OregonsIntrepidWritr (23)
A compelling short story that grabs the readers eyes, brings you behind the scene and allows you to interpret the messages hidden within the text. One book was all it took to change a persons' life.
13 mins
Words: 2773
Read Time: 13 mins
Manet and Monet: Mastery and Mystery
Story by JamesFoley (49)
If your sweetheart robs you and leaves you, do you crack up or find someone finer?
6 mins
Words: 1337
Read Time: 6 mins
Wilbert the Wizard 3: Wilbert the Wizard and the Second Prince
Story by Carter DeShawn Mills (14)
Wilbert's 3 adventure in Storagia. It all started at a party for my brother...
6 mins
Words: 1239
Read Time: 6 mins
Night Under the Stars 5
Story by Myrawiles (15)
Luke asks Lilly to semi-formal
2 mins
Words: 524
Read Time: 2 mins
Wilbert the Wizard 2: Wilbert the Wizard and the Underwater City
Story by Carter DeShawn Mills (14)
Wilbert's second adveture. Wilbert finds a myserious map given to him by the troll he saved. He's called to serve an underwater city by protecting it. MUST READ!
6 mins
Words: 1206
Read Time: 6 mins
Nightamare Motel 18+
Story by moon (24)
Of living with what only you got. You have to stay at a motel, to say you are living. So with that in mind, I started to understand living different
1 min
Words: 349
Read Time: 1 min
Madazine : Rubber Duck
Story by Scriptorius (82)
Madazine's editor talks about a memorable occasion.
2 mins
Words: 572
Read Time: 2 mins
Story by Thomas Ray (15)
Son of the Order, emotionless as he was taught to be.
5 mins
Words: 1177
Read Time: 5 mins
Wilbert the Wizard and the Theiving troll
Story by Carter DeShawn Mills (14)
Wilbert the Wizard is a great fiction story for readers young and old.
6 mins
Words: 1367
Read Time: 6 mins
Confederate Gold and Ghost 18+
Story by Elwood (56)
A haunting tale of lost Confederate gold. A search for lost treasure, guarded by ghost.
10 mins
Words: 2076
Read Time: 10 mins
Madazine : The Node Bulletins : Number Five
Story by Scriptorius (82)
It's tough to be a leader!
1 min
Words: 360
Read Time: 1 min
Chernaya Dusha
Story by Hendrix Cuevas (14)
A battle between two souls for the safety of a woman, Veronica, in a post-apocalyptic world.
2 mins
Words: 521
Read Time: 2 mins
Story by Scriptorius (82)
Another story in the 'Out West' series.
4 mins
Words: 981
Read Time: 4 mins