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Best Friends
Poem by Poet (17)
We will be friends
<1 min
Words: 102
Read Time: <1 min
My Whimsical World
Poem by Poet (17)
I wish i could live here
<1 min
Words: 139
Read Time: <1 min
Wilbert the Wizard
Story by KujiFox (17)
Wilbert Tizard returns to play the game
11 mins
Words: 2268
Read Time: 11 mins
The Ukraine Crisis
Story by Aquarius (84)
From ‘How Did It All Begin?’
15 mins
Words: 3154
Read Time: 15 mins
Benny and Barney and the Case of the Missing Paycheck
Story by Jacob23805 (19)
Benny (a seven-year-old boy) and Barney (a golden retriever) are a crime-fighting team that goes around the city solving the disappearance of items in the neighborhood.
1 min
Words: 303
Read Time: 1 min
L'Estranger: Chapter Six
The unimaginably adventures of a wild, free man.
4 mins
Words: 981
Read Time: 4 mins
Alone at a Party
Poem by Rachel Elizabeth (15)
could be a poem or a song...idk
<1 min
Words: 92
Read Time: <1 min
Kingdom on a Hill
Poem by Annabeth Chase (21)
Be careful how you treat people because the castle wall won't always be there
<1 min
Words: 114
Read Time: <1 min
The Wonderful Wizard of Wisconsin
Story by JPYoung (66)
Because of the wonderful things he does?
6 mins
Words: 1349
Read Time: 6 mins
A Dream's Infinity
Story by strange_teller (53)
A strange (and somehow philosophical) story about love, passion, fear and faith.
8 mins
Words: 1788
Read Time: 8 mins
You Fear Me
Story by hazel basil (18)
a warning letter
<1 min
Words: 186
Read Time: <1 min
What If
Story by JSom (54)
The story tells how an incident in the first term of university has affected the same person with four very different outcomes
46 mins
Words: 9207
Read Time: 46 mins
The Bucket of Luck
Poem by Horror_Story_Life (15)
This is a random poem I came up with about luck
<1 min
Words: 59
Read Time: <1 min
The Angel of Death: What Type of Killer: Prologue
Story by Kat Dickens (17)
Trained to be a killer from birth, is her destiny already set in stone, or does she have any control over what she will become?
5 mins
Words: 1164
Read Time: 5 mins
Falling Down
A poem I thought of :v
<1 min
Words: 129
Read Time: <1 min
Story by PumpkinSoap (14)
Nothing much, just a simple life story ❤️ 😊
21 mins
Words: 4224
Read Time: 21 mins
Platero and I: Concrete
Story by HSuys (54)
Ode to Juan Ramón Jiménez, Nobel Prize 1956
<1 min
Words: 154
Read Time: <1 min
Let It Be
Poem by Aquarius (84)
From ‘The Truth : Nothing But The Truth’
3 mins
Words: 623
Read Time: 3 mins
The Ghosts Talk to Me
Poem by Horror_Story_Life (15)
This is poem about a little girl that was in the world all alone and everyone is monsters and she thought they were human because her eyes were malfunctioning.
<1 min
Words: 133
Read Time: <1 min
Tiny, Blue Hat
Story by BMArnold (28)
A simple story of a young girl's journey growing up, with the help of her tiny, blue hat.
4 mins
Words: 910
Read Time: 4 mins
Where Are You?
Story by Terry Adcock (69)
A family member slides into dementia.
1 min
Words: 351
Read Time: 1 min