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Dari Poulson

Dari-the-bookworm is from US United States • 18 y/o • Female

Crying is not a sign that you are weak. Since birth, it's been a sign that you are alive.

Reviews Given

Dare by sabi

This is so creepy! I lOVE it!

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You by wilkersont425

This is so beautiful! I love it!

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Saturday Pancakes by Mother Goose

I got chills! This was a good story!

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Unbreakable Love by Unmasked_Monster

This is heartbreaking. I love every bit of this story.

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Lock Your Doors by Mother Goose

Wow! I'm never leaving my window open ever again!
This was really good! Keep writing stuff like this!

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A Conversation With My Best Friend by sabi

Haha! This is great! Sounds like something me and my bestie would do.

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Death Brushed Your Hand by sabi

This is amazing!

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