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Lollipop_56 is from US United States • 14 y/o • Female

I like to breathe oxygen and exist.

Reviews Given

The Circle of Love by Sense

This was different from most stories. It has a really deep meaning and it was beautifully written. Good job!

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The Feeling I Get by Spyro

Poetic. I loved it ;D

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The Cloud Walker (Prologue) by Salty Mama !

*internally screaming*
why are you doing this to me

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Tool by TheForgotten

My question is how do make poetry look so easy this is incredible

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Jane, Part 3 - Her Grave by Andraaknas

Beautifully written.

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Dam and Damn by Kuro

lol why is that son meeeeeee

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In My Head by Optimism101

Metaphor or an actual dilemma of yours?

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Never Feel Afraid by Flower

much love to you and salty! Coincidencedly, I do know how you feel. You guys can totally strike up a conversation (I'm super chatty, even in keyboard mode). I can share a few tips to cope and help.
Anyway much love <3 <3 <3 and remember; it gets better.

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