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Matt Bailey

MBailey is from GB United Kingdom • 35 y/o • Male

My Father
Story by Caren Allister (39)
Linda is sitting in her room, hearing her parents fight. Linda's father Vernon had expected her mother to have dinner ready for him. This story criticises traditional stereotypical gender roles.
2 mins
Words: 596
Read Time: 2 mins
House of Metaphors
Story by coffeesoakedshoes (14)
Everything is not always as it seems to be.
3 mins
Words: 798
Read Time: 3 mins
Butterfly Girl
Poem by Hobo (44)
I met a girl Who is a butterfly With a dance for a walk And a laugh for a why
<1 min
Words: 105
Read Time: <1 min
My Dear One
I long for you, my lover
<1 min
Words: 94
Read Time: <1 min
Come Home
Story by Juin (30)
Once upon a time, there was a small village. In that village was a young man and lady who were very much in love..
3 mins
Words: 646
Read Time: 3 mins
Blinded by Self-Insecurities 18+
Musing by UnknownMisery (22)
Have you ever felt like you weren't satisfied with yourself? Well you're are not alone.
2 mins
Words: 470
Read Time: 2 mins
I just wanted to walk
Story by Ouss (23)
A passing dream about a long forgotten relationship made me rethink what really happened.
2 mins
Words: 573
Read Time: 2 mins
1-800-656-4673 // I Refuse to Accept This 18+
Musing by Sierrapreciado (19)
This was written purely to help me come to terms with the truth. Maybe you can too.
2 mins
Words: 581
Read Time: 2 mins
The Rescue of Old Brindle
Story by Nathaniel741 (47)
A non fiction about the rescue of the Family Cow, the only source of milk for Grandmother and family in Depression Era Missouri during ice storm, circa 1936
7 mins
Words: 1563
Read Time: 7 mins
The Lady in the Train
Story by Udayangani (36)
An encounter on a train in Sri Lanka
2 mins
Words: 507
Read Time: 2 mins
A Game of Pride
Story by Sachin Varghese (23)
The local chess champion faces a new opponent.
5 mins
Words: 1087
Read Time: 5 mins
Trying to Sell Magazines in the Ghetto
Story by redrobin62 (57)
Anyone remember their nerdy past? You know, those regrettable days when you bought cheerleader Rosie some candy and flowers thinking she'd marry you or calling the school bully "Fathead" because, well, he had a fat head? This story is sort of li
5 mins
Words: 1074
Read Time: 5 mins
Face of the Earth
Poem by Matt Decker (42)
What if our world had a literal face?
<1 min
Words: 178
Read Time: <1 min
Never Again
Story by SamZ (14)
Zac idea of "fun" gets him serious consequences!
2 mins
Words: 565
Read Time: 2 mins
The No. 19 Tram to Coburg
Story by timdymo (73)
An account of a strange encounter on a public tram in Melbourne.
2 mins
Words: 522
Read Time: 2 mins
Story by Jilligan (44)
A look at God's work of redemption in my life after Changed.
11 mins
Words: 2266
Read Time: 11 mins
Love, How Sweet Art Thou
Story by HudaFatima (27)
It's the second time. More scarier than first. What if he too doesn't love me.
4 mins
Words: 983
Read Time: 4 mins
Story by futurerAuthor101 (20)
Living in tha hood
1 min
Words: 219
Read Time: 1 min
Poem by billyyoutwo1 (75)
A poem about the hypocrisy of war remembrance .
<1 min
Words: 174
Read Time: <1 min