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melissak is from US United States • 14 y/o • Female

Don't judge my story on the chapter you walked in on. -unknown

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Tell Me by mokymoky

Aww this seems sadly familiar

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One Large Question by Thomas Ray

This is a good question, but other things also need to be considered. Many people do believe in a god, multiple gods, no god. How do you know which ones which, how do you know which one to believe in, what is the truth? Those are questions to also consider besides morality. Many people make up their own morals, and so that means that you can have all of those things without believing in a God(s) or no god(s). There are many different religions, beliefs, cultures. Is there a way to tell which one's the right one? Everyone has their own beliefs and morals, but that doesn't mean that everything's going to fit perfectly because many people believe in many different things.

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Time's Way by Misty Poulson

I like it, but dang you said time a lot. I can't even count the times you said time.

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Truth of Dreaming by Dari Poulson

I like it

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Lu (Part Seven) by Thomas Ray

Sounds good so far, but this was very strange. I already guessed about her being important, but I'm confused on the voices. They like Lu and Blue (it rhymes) and shes the key to Ren. It may just be my head wanting a romance, but I'm begining to think those two have a little something for each other. I'm probably wrong though. She's a strong girl who zones out a lot and I'm curious on what the true motives of those voices are. It's quite strange. I wanna read more and finish this mystery!!

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I Do It for You by abalch2022

I like it! You like writing these according to your other submissions, and I honestly enjoy reading them. There sometimes sad, but inspirational too.

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Lu (Part Six) by Thomas Ray

I love this book!!! I wanna read more! Silver has a weary vibe to her and makes me question a few things. I'm curious about what she means by voices and why Sir Ayren is being super nice to her. I imagine him looking really scary, but if that's the case why does he speak so sincerely? I understand the shock that Lu can read and I'm shocked shes not hypnotize by the green eyes again. Poor girl has to deal with Fin haunting her though. Something bigs going to happen though and Fin has something to do with it. The only trusted person in that house seems to be Ren and Lu, but thats just how I see it. This book has my imagination going wild.

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Lu (Part Five) by Thomas Ray

I'm so intrigued to read more about Lu. I would've put more description into the hideout where she saw the stares personally, but that's just how I am. I already have an idea of there looks besides the boy without green eyes and Henna. It's so interesting

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