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melissak is from US United States • 15 y/o • Female

Don't judge my story on the chapter you walked in on. -unknown

Reviews Given

Hansel & Grettle Are the Bad Guys by Durandal

I wish I read this sooner!

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Two Friends by Thomas Ray

So truthful it hurts.

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This Is Me by Hazbin

It's a pretty good poem from what I can tell. It's a bit sad, but I think that's what makes it

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Gears of Wonder Part 1: Questions by Durandal

Like it, but I think it should be a bit more intriguing.

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Dam and Damn by King

😹😹😹 yus dude yus

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BANG by Skyler

Dang 0-0 Just... Dang 0-0

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Hugs by Durandal

love it, but also so sad ;-;

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My Imaginary Friend by Skyler


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