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Amber Jones

MistyJJP is from US United States • 18 y/o

Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow. -Lawrence Clark Powell

Reviews Given

The Dark by Thomas Ray

Do you plan to make this more of a suspense Fantasy? I feel like when someone is writing a suspense or a more "dark" story the descriptions that weave themselves into the story are key.

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Two Friends by Thomas Ray

That was different. It definitely offers a different perspective on friends, and I feel like it's very relatable. Good job.

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Miss Jarron and Her Cat by Durandal

I liked the idea behind this story! A lot of times the story is about a series of tasks that a young man has to do in order to win the lady's hand in marriage, often organized by her father, then an unlikely candidate presents himself and succeeds. So it was intriguing that the young women was directly involved with the challenge and probably initiated it herself which means she honestly wanted to get married, but also wanted to find someone who was willing to work for her hand as well as demonstrate promise of a loving and compassionate relationship.
So, yeah. This was super interesting! Good job!

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When The Reign Comes Down by AaronTheRocker

Wow. This is such an remarkable interpretation and expression. Also, interesting style of poetry.

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A Deadly Girl by Rora

Wow. This was a very evocative story, good job!

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Zadie Ann White by Rora

It was definitely a very unique and interesting take on Time travel, especially the discovery of it. I can appreciate the originality of the work. Good job!

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I Can't Understand! by Rora

I feel like you can't really understand because you haven't done or experienced any of those things, but as far as the literature goes, I think it's pretty good.

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New Horizons #1 by Rora

I suppose in way this story paints a picture of what it's really like to move. We often get settled and attached to those around us, so when change threatens to rip us from that comfort we have a hard time letting it all go. So, good job! This is amazing.

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