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TheValhallan is from US United States • 16 y/o • Male

"If you don't have any festivity and just have negativity then there's no chance you'll make it far in life" Kevin- C Students

Reviews Given

heartless by sabi

So much... pain. Suffering, and emotion. I know whoever did this to you would be sorry after reading this. And... I'm sorry you had to go through this. This sounds like hell with no return.

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fingertips by sabi

Its a good piece. The way the monster is described as being one and none is very interesting. To be honest I had to re-read a bit because I read the last line with a British accent and I was pretty sure that wasn't how it was supposed to go down, but that doesn't throw the quality down in any way.

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tear it apart by sabi


I truly hope this isn't based off of past or present circumstances. However, it is a good piece. Very good. Nice rhyming work. Some of those words could be improved for a better rhyme, but otherwise it is very nice.

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Ink Bleeds by sabi

Wow you truly are becoming a good author. You still have a path to get there, but its closer than ever before

Nice piece

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Writing by sabi

haha you have writers block
Okay sorry I just needed to say that.
First off, I liked what you did with the whole writing thing, where everything is like that.
But also like for real that happens all the time with me too XD.
Good job!

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THIS IS ME by cricket

That's a good you. Not just a nice autobiography piece, but it helps for empowerment too!
Good job!

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Perfect by sabi

You know, I was curious why you weren't active
Then I thought you were working on something
I was right
This is beautiful
Very energetic, and sweet
You did a good job
and yes loveling11 is a spammer, i got like 5 separate messages from them and finally blocked them

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the cloud walker (part one) by ♥ 𝐂ℓ๏ŴภẸ𝐘 ♥

You know, i like it.
I always love interesting concepts and plots, especially with fantasies.
It's amazing what the mind can come up with.
Anyways, I did feel like it was a little bit rushed, maybe you could spend some time earlier defining some of the characteristics of a cloud walker and what they do and such. And I know that not revealing things until later is a very fun thing to do when writing, but sometimes it just leaves others confused.
Overall, it's a very nice story, and it has a lot of potential!
Keep Writing! From one author to another.

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