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xXGLB-LifeStudioXx is from US United States • 17 y/o • Female

Just Your Ordinary Girl. #BLM

Reviews Given

Do You Miss Me, Too? by -Lynnyan-

*Claps* This was so sad, but yet a lovely writing, I understand everything, keep up the work, it’s wonderful!

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You by NobodyImportant

This is some sad stuff right here, I feel you. Keep up the work!

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You're Pretty to Me by King

ÚwÙ I still think I’m ugly, but thank you.

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Silhouette Man by AaronTheRocker

This was a legit, good story not gonna lie! Keep up the work!

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Five Fingers by Joshua_12

Omg, me and my best friend was reading this together, and was freaked out, we even said if we saw a doll on the road we’d be gone as fast as we can, keep up the work! I love this story!!

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The Skin Tin by ClaudiaM

*Claps* This is a good story to be honest. But here’s my question, does the mom not care he’s collecting skins, or what? But this is a good story, keep up the work!

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Not Alone by AaronTheRocker

This was so good and ended with a good twist! I knew something was up with that bunny! Keep up the work, I love the horror stories you create.

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Peek by AaronTheRocker

Dang! This was short but good! Me and my best friend was reading this together and was like, That’s the end?! But it’s all fine, this story was good and kind of creep! Keep up the work of writing!

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